Crypto Bullion Faucet

World's best engineering, in Crypto-currency

Designed just right, following a model with unbending safety and just enough scarcity, the Crypto Bullion (CBX) is perfectly positioned to provide CBX holders with rising value and future wealth.

There are only close to 1 million CBX in circulation, and just for holding them you could earn high staking rewards, as per our unique PoSP algorithm, while inflation is only 2%.

Also, this 2% actually represents the only inflation the CBX monetary mass will ever have, going forward. Truly, this is a precious coin to own and, in time, it will become Bitcoin's platinum alternative as store of value!

To receive a glimmer of this unique and valuable crypto currency, here is a CBX faucet where you can obtain free Crypto Bullion!

This faucet operates on a claim every 3 hours basis.
Please do not forget to help keep our faucet going by clicking the ads provided on this page...

Getting started with Crypto Bullion is easy: CBX Vault Software
Want to secure a bigger position with CBX? There are many exchanges where to buy CBX

Faucet Payouts are:
  • 90% chance to get 0.001
  • 9.5% chance to get 0.01
  • 0.5% chance to get 0.5 CryptoBullion

Enter your cryptobullion address to get free CryptoBullion coins.

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